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Step 3:
Browse on favorite item.

Tips : If you would like to view more than 1 product details, you can right click on product, then select "open link in new tab" or "open link in new window" as below, so that you can stay on the product list and continue to shop on other items.

Step 4 :
Go through product specifications, you can enlarge the picture by clicking thumbnail. Click on "Add to Cart" to make an order.

Step 5 :
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Step 6 :
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Step 8 :
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Step 9 :
Click on "Confirm". Note: You are not allow to make any changes after you've clicked "Confirm".

Step 10 :
After confirming the order, you can click on "Click here for order details" to check on your order details. 

You can also view your order details anytime by clicking on "My Account" --> "My Orders"